My work is new in that world of Art, but quite trendy and unique i hope.

We have to save everything  and stop throwing : I need Buttons, leather, laces, skins of fish skate to complete my pieces.

Inspiration ?  Monsieur Christian Lacroix, Haute couture & Mister karl Lagerfeld of course.

Diagnosed with cancer in 2010, i used to spend 25 years of my life as a travel guide.



So, i had to spend one year at home I wanted to get my mind busy. My mother was a seamstress when i was young , i found a lot of buttons at home and i start.

The first one took me 9 months like a childbirth.

What is fantastic for me is  : That i have no Art formation and i do not  even known how  to make a straight line.

No disease, no Art for me. Old ladies  gave me boxes of buttons to go on that way and now here i am.

I work looking through my boxes of buttons ans start choosing some. Time by time, they find their place on the mannequin and a masterpiece is usually born after 3 and that become a art plastic sculpture.

But don’t asked me the finality of the sculpture,  i never known really.

Design and great things i guess are done by series of small thinks brought together.


 Exibition :

  • Galerie Pictural, in Monte-carlo, 2011
  • Hôtels in Cannes 2013/2014 (Renoir, Rézanne****)
  • Galerie Arista, in Cannes 2012/2015
  • ArtMonaco, 2014
  • Galerie Lumel in Biot, South of france
  • Artistes du Monde, with Marina picasso, in Cannes, 2014
  • Hôtel Plaza, 2 months, in Nice
  • Permanent exhibition at Restaurant le Chaperon Rouge, in Cannes